[Buddha-l] Buddhist Light Bulb Jokes

Bill Kish wdkish81 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 27 20:03:10 MDT 2009


For the record, I have always looked forward to the ongoing dialog between Dan and Richard, and consider it one of the best and most challenging parts of being a subscriber to BUDDHA-L. I hope my questionable attempt at humor didn't leave anyone with a different impression.

To Dan and Richard (and many others): thank you for putting so much time, energy, care, and consideration into the contributions you make here on BUDDHA-L. I hope you will all continue to do so for many more years.

Bill Kish


>A few days ago, someone who should have remained silent remarked:
> > the incompatibility between the Hayes and Lusthaus modules

Dan Lusthaus replied: 
> There is little incompatibility between these two modules,
> who both agree that debate and argument is a core Buddhist activity.
> Since each recognizes the other is only an alternate module, 
> neither takes the argument personally. It is exhilarating exercise, 
> much like playing tennis, chess, or basketball. You get the most from
> it when you compete the hardest, and the one who challenges you the 
> most teaches you the most, and so becomes your friend.


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