[Buddha-l] Paul Williams

Ralf Steckel ralf.steckel at online.ms
Sun Dec 23 20:49:28 MST 2007

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> Hmmm... on Williams' first question, it used to trouble me too. Anyway,
> I came up with this article to clarify on it subsequently - "Why is
> there Anything at all?": http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zeph/message/840
> It's really a question asked erroneously to some extent as "things" are
> not as "thingy" as we think in the first place - including "us".
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If there arises the question "Why is there Anything at all?" always a simple game of language and logic pops into my mind: "At the beginning there is nothing, but because 'nothing' also includes 'not nothing' there is 'something'. Because in the 'nothingness' there is also the negation of 'not something' there is just 'anything'.

Of course this all arises at the same moment, because these 'entities' depend each other.

Happy Seasons Greetings,


PS: Forgive me for gambling such silly games with words and meanings, but in German language this conclusions sounds very 'philosophically'.

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