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>Causation already answers about the nature of why there is anything at
>all. On the other hand, postulating the existence of an uncaused God
>stirs up the classic problems. 
>Once again, from
>221 : (The 3rd para is the crux - a simple "proof" on why there is no
>Why "Intelligent Design" Lacks Intelligence
>Recently, there was much outrage in the academic world when "intelligent
>design" was proposed by some to be scientific. The theory of
>"intelligent design" argues that the universe, being so intricately
>structured, must surely be the design of a super-intelligent being. This
>belief is creationism, which is based on mere faith. It is the opposite
>of evolution, which is the largely observable fact that life and the
>universe evolves over time, adapting to changes of natural conditions.

the statement for a creator or against are not based simply on observation, since one can conclude either from reflection upon what is observed.  There is an element of faith in either position, which to deny or overlook places one in the position of naive realism.

Stan Ziobro

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