[Buddha-l] Happy Halloween! Buddha-L is defunct!

Catalina c_castell at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 1 02:56:17 MDT 2013

Is this a "poisson d'avril"  Richard? 

I have been here for maaaaaaaaaaaany years, I learnt lots of things specially when it was less academical info, I'm not a scholar but been in this list allowed me to see how Buddhist scholars and others use words and confronte themselves or their ideas sometimes. I learnt that Buddhist are as any other kind of group with their problems and cheers. Like a Sangha. 

so...what about dharma-l and recognising reality now Richard? I really miss that! Is Francisco around here? (and this is the third time I ask, so I guess that is how it works in Buddhism no? : you ask 3 times and then you have an affirmative answer? or just an answer?)


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