[Buddha-l] Buddhist Light Bulb Jokes

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 24 12:03:36 MDT 2009

> the incompatibility between the Hayes and Lusthaus modules

There is little incompatibility between these two modules, who both agree 
that debate and argument is a core Buddhist activity. Since each recognizes 
the other is only an alternate module, neither takes the argument 
personally. It is exhilarating exercise, much like playing tennis, chess, or 
basketball. You get the most from it when you compete the hardest, and the 
one who challenges you the most teaches you the most, and so becomes your 

Sadly most of the other thoughtful Buddhist scholars who used to contribute 
to the debates and discussions here have unplugged their modules and 
reconnected elsewhere. With all that cacophonous buddhavacana gone, one can 
occasionally hear the wind blowing though the circuits, hence Joanna's 
lament. Maybe we are finally getting to appreciate Vimalakirti's silence 
(though he had a much better lead-in cue).


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