[Buddha-l] MS preparation and Adobe

Mitchell Ginsberg jinavamsa at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 22 23:23:45 MDT 2009

Hello all at Buddha-L, 

I have a pdf file of a MS that I am planning to offer for publication. I have a technical question about that process. In the past it was simple, if I remember correctly, to print to file or to print to pdf format. Not so now. At least for me here. 

I would like to modify a pdf file in its size. I can print at (for example) 115% onto paper with no problem (at any other enlargment within certain limits of paper and printer, of course). But I want to create a second pdf file as an enlargment of the original. 

I have actually been able to do this, but my notes do not let me repeat the process. 

Once the original pdf file is opened with Adobe Acrobat, a first change is File, Page Setup, Scale. I change that to 115%. Now, there are other settings that must be changed in order to be able to produce a new pdf file. I believe one of them is File, Properties, Advanced, No Page Scaling. And that when at the stage of setting up the parameters for printing, the printer is to be Adobe Acrobat 9.0 (rather than default or All printers). 

I was told by Adobe technicians (it was not too difficult as I am used to listening to an Indic accent) that (a) it is easy, just order the new version of the program, (b) that it is easy, just save as a pdf file rather than trying to print to a pdf file, (c) that it is easy but it requires Adobe Photoshop, (d) that it is easy but there is no way to control the resultant size, and (d) it is quite impossible at all, even in the most Professional of versions of any Adobe products. These were all replies from Adobe Technical Assistance. 

Now, since I somehow was on a roll one day and could print a new pdf file at 106%, 110%, 115%, 120%, and 125%, I know it can be done. 

Would anyone else out there have familiarity with how to do this? Someone told me that a publisher would be able to take a pdf file and make any enlargment changes without any help from me. Does anyone know if that is the case? 

Although the MS touches quite a bit on Buddhism and Buddhist practice (some say the MS is in the field of Consciousness Studies, for what that's worth), if a necessary Buddhist content is required, let me say that this is an instance of the frustration of a desire for a clear, definitive, and successful product. So is there someone who is frustrated? hehe I would just like to know how to handle this little complication. 

All help appreciated. 

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