[Buddha-l] HHDL's current visit to Taiwan

Weng-Fai Wong wongwf at comp.nus.edu.sg
Tue Sep 1 20:20:07 MDT 2009

My translation from Taiwanese Yahoo! News:


For the Dalai Lama's visit caused controversy yesterday, 
In an interview given to China's Central Press's reporter in Taiwan
yesterday, Master Hsing Yun spoke about the controversy surrounding the
Dalai Lama's current visit to Taiwan, calling it procedurally incorrect. The
current controversy arises because the procedure, timing, and the place were
all incorrect. He hoped that it will not jeopardize cross straits

Master Hsing Yun pointed out that the Dalai Lama should not have come to
Taiwan this time. But since he is here, it should be handled in a very low
key. "I think the Dalai Lama's current trip to Taiwan, works against him as
well as the DPP." Master Hsing Yun feels that for the Dalai Lama to come to
Taiwan as religious figure, he should be invited by the religious community.
Using political personnels as well as political means in the invitation,
makes him a political figure.

Furthermore, given that the disaster so serious, the invitation of the Dalai
Lama should have originated from the disaster area. "For him to be invited
by those outside the disaster area means political manipulation outside the
realms of religion," stressed Master Hsing Yun.

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