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Hi Tony--I'm glad it reached a least one soul :)

Can hardly wait to see this DVD--once I heard someone's tape of
him reciting his poem 'Kaddish' and it made me just weep. He was
a great poet--not only a writer but a reciter, a speaker of
poetry. Like a few other artists of his period, he saw through
this country and its superficialities and knew where it was


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Thanks, Joanna, for passing this along.  I'll look for the
interview on the NPR site.


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> http://www.allenginsbergmovie.com/
> The filmmaker, Jerry Aronson, was interviewed this morning on
> That's how I found out about this movie. Always loved
> poetry. He was a Buddhist, I guess everyone knows by now.
> >From this site:
> Deluxe two-disc DVD set
> Disc One:
> The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg by Jerry Aronson
> 84 Minute Feature Documentary plus Two Hours of Extras.
> Disc Two:
> 35 Interviews
> and the 1998 New York City Memorial for Allen Ginsberg.
> visionary, radical, spiritual seeker, renowned poet, founding
> of a major literary movement, champion of human rights,
> political activist and teacher.
> Allen Ginsberg's remarkable life
> challenged the very soul of America.
> Academy Award nominated Director Jerry Aronson spent 25 years 
> accumulating more than 120 hours of film on Allen Ginsberg,
> in this comprehensive portrait of one of America's greatest
> This deluxe 2-disc DVD set contains the Director's cut of the 
> award-winning documentary updated and re-mastered. This DVD set

> includes never-before seen material and historical interviews
> friends, family and contemporaries and the latest generation of

> artists influenced by Ginsberg.
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