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The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: late Sep 2008, Vol. 15, No. 11 (285)
23 Sep 2008

Kalasampada Digital Library - Resources of Indian Cultural Heritage

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi, India.

"Aims [of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts which was
established in Nov 1985]: * to serve as a major resource centre for
the arts, especially written, oral and visual source materials; * to
undertake research and publication programmes of reference works,
glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopaedia concerning the arts and
the humanities; * to establish a tribal and folk arts division with a
core collection for conducting systematic scientific studies and for
live presentations; * to provide a forum for a creative and critical
dialogue through performances, exhibitions, multi-media projections,
conferences, seminars and workshops between and amongst the diverse
arts, traditional and cotemporary [...]."

Site contents:
* Digital Images (Archaeological Sites, Slide Collections, Multimedia
Projects, Multimedia Documentation, Exhibitions, Print Material); *
Photograph Collections; * Video Recordings (Gita Govinda, Brhadisvara
Temple, Kutiyattam, Video Clips of Archaeological Sites of Orissa,
Film & Video Documentation, Film & Video Acquired) * Audio
Recordings: Music Collections; * Multimedia CD Roms Available
(Ajanta, Devadasi Murai, Muktesvara, Rockart); * DVD ROMs Available
(Behind the Mask, Hampi - The World Heritage Site, Oral Tradition of
Vedas, Saat - Sur); * Multimedia Documentation (The Illustrated
Jataka & Other Stories of the Buddha, Art & Crafts of North-East); *
Newsletters and Journals of IGNCA; * Books Published by IGNCA (online
Electronic Books, Series : Kalasamalocana, Kalatattvakosa,
Kalamulasastra) * Papers and Essays (Indo-Chinese Studies, Nature &
Cosmology, Man & Matter, Oral Traditions, Culture : Ecology,
Education and Development, Multimedia) * Research Reports (Pali
Tipitaka Chanting, Report on Cultural Mapping of India, Village India
Project, The Viavaripa iconographic traditions 5th - 13th c. CE.); *
Bibliography (An Annotated Bibliography on Zoroastrian Studies, A
Select Bibliography on Shadow Puppetry, Prof. Vasudeva Saran Agrawala
- A Bibliographic Survey of his Published works, Calligraphy - a
Literature Search, Bibliography on Hampi - World Heritage Site); *
Manuscripts Catalogue (Organization, Catalogue of Microfilmed
Manuscripts, Survey of Manuscripts in India); * Databases; * Articles
by In-house Scholars; * Conference Proceedings.

URL http://ignca.nic.in/dgt_0001.htm

Internet Archive

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