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In Singapore, many turn to Christianity because of history (colonial
past) or economics
(the upper echelons of business and power are ruled by Christians),as
are the better
semi-government schools. Most Buddhists are found in the middle classes and
grassroots; about 45% are statistically Buddhists.

Lately, however, we see dramatic reports of monks buying lotteries at
the local joint,
a leading monk with multiple charges of misuse of public funds. LIke a
Catholic priest
last year, he is likely to go to prison, too. Things look worse as the
young man living
with him in his expensive suburban condo was caught with illegal DVDs
(porno, etc).

Strangely, most Buddhists here do not discuss the matter, although I
get questions
from concerned youths in the varsities. Maybe Buddhists here expected this to
happen considering many know the character of the actors involved. Or
we could be
in constant denial (like FWBO?).

Anyway, FWBO has a good framework, but if they accept themselves as what they
really are: a lay organization, and continue building up healthy
connections with the more
Dharma-centred individuals and groups, it would be for the good of the
many. Sabda-
wise, we can say, it is like a vulnerable naked body that badly needs
a change of clothes.
I think a new dialysis of fresh blood would be good, too.

The FWBO itself is an interesting study of a cult: beginning as an exclusivist
Sangharakshita club, into a successful business enterprise, going
through really bad
scandals, and now a more mature more individualistic (in the good
sense) networking
with other Buddhist teachers and groups.

Sangharakshita's struggle with sexuality and religiosity may be an
interesting study in
psychology like Erik Erikson "Young Man Luther." Could be someone's PhD. There
are many lessons to learn from this.

Or perhaps, it is better to remain in denial. It's better for business
and livelihood.

Still, soft-selling is a better way of promoting the FWBO than
Theravada-bashing of
the early FWBO.

Piya Tan

On Tue, Sep 2, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Katherine Masis <twin_oceans at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I was hearing one of the many talks by Ayya Khema that I've downloaded lately from http://www.kalyanamitta.net.  This talk was from the 1990s, but I'm not sure what year (she died in 1997 and the website lists talks from 1990 and from 1996, as well as other non-dated talks).  She says that the Buddha had predicted the decline of Buddhism, and that we were about midway into the decline (i.e., another 2500 years to go).  She also says that at this midpoint there would be a 100-year mild upswing and that we were about 40 years into it (i.e., about 60 more years to go).  Can anyone on this list reference this?
> Katherine
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