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Not really.  There is also idealism, dualism, etc.

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>So, if the choice of either position is naive realism, then we are  
>left with no choice but the Buddha's.  Don't ask.  Don't tell.
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>>> Causation already answers about the nature of why there is  
>>> anything at
>>> all. On the other hand, postulating the existence of an uncaused God
>>> stirs up the classic problems.
>>> Once again, from
>>> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thedailyenlightenment-realisation/ 
>>> message/
>>> 221 : (The 3rd para is the crux - a simple "proof" on why there is no
>>> God)
>>> Why "Intelligent Design" Lacks Intelligence
>>> Recently, there was much outrage in the academic world when  
>>> "intelligent
>>> design" was proposed by some to be scientific. The theory of
>>> "intelligent design" argues that the universe, being so intricately
>>> structured, must surely be the design of a super-intelligent  
>>> being. This
>>> belief is creationism, which is based on mere faith. It is the  
>>> opposite
>>> of evolution, which is the largely observable fact that life and the
>>> universe evolves over time, adapting to changes of natural  
>>> conditions.
>> the statement for a creator or against are not based simply on  
>> observation, since one can conclude either from reflection upon  
>> what is observed.  There is an element of faith in either position,  
>> which to deny or overlook places one in the position of naive realism.
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