[Buddha-l] Driving to Religion

Michael Paris parisjm2004 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 20:16:17 MST 2007

I read the first book. Not bad, but too many non sequiturs and rather
boring, about the same as much modern fantasy and horror (even Weird
Tales Magazine has gone to seed). Not sure if I'll read the other two -
certainly won't by them.

Buddhist content: Just got Hee-jin Kim's _Dogen on Meditation and
Thinking_ through inter-library loan. Looks good. He actually uses the
word "soteriology!" Haven't seen that outside of a Christian theology

It's so nice to read a scholarly, non-pietistic book on Zen. The only
other one I have to date is Brad Warner's _Sit Down and Shut Up_. He
doesn't use scholar-ese but has more depth than the title might lead
one to expect. 

Waiting for Kim's other book, _Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist_. Can't go
wrong with a catchy title like that. 


P.S. No replies to my question about the script in the Cambodian prayer

--- "Bruce G. Seidner, Ph.D." <bseidner at earthlink.net> wrote:

[snips therein]

> In the meantime, my 5th grade daughter came home from school this
> having been warned of the anti-Christian movie Golden Compass.
Several  of her peers had entire Sunday school classes devoted to this
malignant menace posing as a harmless children's fantasy movie ahead of
the Christmas break.
> Bruce

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