[Buddha-l] Loving your object of study

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 4 03:38:34 MST 2007

jkirk schreef:
>  While I can't comprehend why anyone would reject one leg of the di-pos
> (sorry if I got the Greek number wrong), I don't agree that cultivating
> vipassana leads to samatha; however, the reverse might be true. Samatha
> could enable better, more perfected vipassana. Cultivating vipassana onlt
> could lead to endless vipassana, with the consequence of endless papanca.
> Thus, cultivating samatha would seem quite necessary to cool out the
> floating world of vipassana, no matter how many insights vip. might provide
> along the way. Doesn't the human mind/body, for most productive
> consequences, need the practice of one-pointed mind as well?  Having said
> that, I still am glad that there are many scholars and practicers who work
> hard on developing knowledge, as well as insight and tranquility.
> Joanna K.
Well, maybe we have a little misunderstanding of terms, but I've found that understanding helps me to let go and that letting go helps my samatha, because it prevents papanca. Only when I'm labeling to much papanca goes on. So my experience is that vipassana does increase samatha.


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