[Buddha-l] Corporate Quigong

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 4 03:29:27 MST 2007

Katherine Masis schreef:
>   These corporate perks have been available for several years.  Yoga in the workplace, 15-minute chair massages, even poetry in the corporation.  As long as these benefits are available to all employees, I’m fine with that.  Maybe a relaxed executive would make decisions that are less socially and environmentally harmful?
It must have been already 15 years ago that I started to take lessons with a teacher from a Shoalin tradition. He told me that when he started he got visits from representatives of the Chinese community and maffia, asking him what the hell he was doing since this kind of teaching was supposed to be secret for non-Chinese. In the meantime a lot of this secrecy has worn off, but still there's a lot that you only 
come to understand after some practice. I found that this kind of training only pays off after some time and with the proper investment. 15 Minutes after work is just gymnastics and it doesn't make anybody any wiser or more relaxed. Probably a 15 minutes 'powernap' has more effect. 
What it does however is that it creates the suggestion that these traditions are just simple body movements, that you can learn from a DVD or from any guy on the block who has a diploma. But this is also going on in China. It would be a shame if it would push the real traditions aside.
What about the relation between Shaolin and Buddhism, is this a myth or are there any facts. I know the legend of Bodhidharma of course, but the latest I learned of Kung fu training was that it's history is shrouded in clouds.


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