[Buddha-l] Corporate Quigong

Timothy Smith smith at wheelwrightassoc.com
Mon Dec 3 12:54:45 MST 2007

It depends on the organization.  By and large, its eyewash, having  
little or nothing to do with the way the corporation does business,  
makes decisions or treats its people.
Executives rarely avail themselves of these problems as their  
paychecks and bonus structures depend on meeting financial targets.   
Since no clear line can be drawn connecting
the benefits of such programs Katherine mentions, execs. typically  
assume that their efforts are better spent elsewhere, following the  
maxim "What gets rewarded gets done."

There was a time, say 15 years ago, when I believed that younger  
leaders would be more attuned to themselves and to the importance of  
a more balanced work and life style, and that it might be possible to  
have organizations functioning in a healthier, less cutthroat  
fashion.  Sadly, circumstances have ratcheted up the greed again, and  
Wall St. matters more than Main St. in the values arena.

Having said that, I'm still in business trying to help people in  
smaller businesses understand themselves and the results their  
actions have on those sharing the workspace with them.  I've used all  
the below and had some success.  But as a programmatic venture, they  
are generally ineffective at the top, especially of large, publicly  
traded companies.

Timothy Smith
Wheelwright Associates


On Dec 3, 2007, at 11:28 AM, Katherine Masis wrote:

>   These corporate perks have been available for several years.   
> Yoga in the workplace, 15-minute chair massages, even poetry in the  
> corporation.  As long as these benefits are available to all  
> employees, I’m fine with that.  Maybe a relaxed executive would  
> make decisions that are less socially and environmentally harmful?
>   Katherine Masis
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