[Buddha-l] Stanford scholar Tenzin Tethong couldbe the nextprimeminister of Tibet

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Tue May 10 06:49:12 MDT 2011

you have a funny way of argumentation. First I protest against the word 
'justified' in justifying OBL being killed and you answer: 'it wasn't me 
that uses the word, but a newspaper' and the next thing you do is 
justify why the DL would justify this killing. Let's now look at your 

Op 09-05-11 04:36, Dan Lusthaus schreef:
> 1. Anyone who has followed his HHDL's statements over the years should not
> be surprised.<...>  Similar statements concerning lethal responses to events in
> Afghanistan, etc. have been forthcoming from Tibetans, including HHDL,
> usually to the shock and surprise of the mantrically-imbued, at least since
> 9/11, i.e., they have been repeatedly reported in mainstream media since
> then, but were made in various forms even before.
This argument is useless if you don't even mention one example, 
considering the compassion campaign the DL is famous for and the 
contradiction involved.
> There is nothing out of
> keeping with either Tibetan tradition or Tibetan Buddhist doctrine in this.
> Tibetans were feared warriors for many centuries, and had a standing -- if
> obsolete -- army when the Chinese invaded and dismantled it.
The Tibetan army was insignificant, the Tibetans stopped practically all 
warfare after the introduction of Buddhism.
> 2. Nevertheless, many prefer their "saints" to be effeminized do-gooders
> without a harsh bone or thought in their body. Mother Theresa can help the
> poor and sick, but she's not allowed to have self-doubts (nor -- horror of
> horrors -- political views far to the right of Sarah Palin). Our saints have
> to embody the virtues and qualities that WE treasure and idealize. That's
> their job. Nevermind if they see things differently. If they don't do that,
> then they are not OUR saints! And if not OUR saints, then they're not really
> saints at all. We get to decide, since it's our disillusionment that's on
> the line, right?
Wrong, your saint looks like All Bundy, most saints (the word comes from 
sanctum= holy) are like the Polar Star, unreachable beacons for 
humanity. They do things normal people can only dream of, like curing 
terminal diseases, waking the dead, changing the weather, bring good 
fortune and what have you. This is pretty much the same in all cultures.
> 3. We have had this discussion of HHDL's views in this regard before on this
> list, so someone with more time on their hands may wish to search the
> archives.
Why don't you come up with a reference as a good scientist should? Vague 
speculations are no arguments, just mood makers.
> 4. HHDL makes no secret of his strong affinity with the Kalacakra (The wheel
> of time). Has anyone here read it or important parts? Its "time" is
> calendrical and eschatological. It contains an apocalyptic account of how
> peace will eventually reign on earth when the king of Shangrila finally
> annihilates all Muslims in a huge war.
Anyone who ever messed with tantras knows that they are full of allegory 
and metaphors. The DL should know this too, so there is no reason to 
suppose that he is expecting an apocalyptic global war like some white 
trash US Christians.
> 5. One of the "hermeneutics" I have heard Tibetan lamas use when speaking
> approvingly of US actions in Afghanistan and against Al Qaida, et al., is
> that the prime principle is alleviation of suffering.
In this case OBL was thought be retired and no substantial threat any 
more, that he still was a little bit active (no doubt very much blown up 
in the media) was a surprise.
> 6. Shall we agree to make a concerted effort to remember this is what he
> said on this occasion, so that the next time he makes a comparable statement
> we don't have to reemerge from amnesia again?
If you are really the only one at all who remembers, but you are unable 
to state exactly what you remember, maybe you should seek medical help. 
Do you sometimes hear voices too?

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