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Yes??? did you forget to write something? 
I'm overlooking your slogan......... 

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> Jamie,
> "Of course, after years in India I agree with Dan's thinking
that the 
> reliability of the electric grid is also a consideration :)"
> Oh how déjà vu of you :) Ah yes, my years of fighting the
Indian and 
> Bangladeshian electricity grid.............arg.
> " So the fact that the lama still had brain activity ..." my 
> impression of the anecdotal report of the attached wires was
that he 
> was still warm around the heart. Did they also pick up brain
> Or am I mixing up dead lamas?
> Your contribution about HHDL's insistence on the subtle body
and how 
> that controls his thinking about neural activity was helpful
> hadn't realised that he clings to the magic of the supernatural
> far in his dealings with regular scientists.
> (He still relies on his chief diviner, right?) Very well put
> "His "subtle mind" is the whole gamut of 
> Buddha-nature/tathagatagarbha/citta-prakrti, and etc. He will
> *not* let this go, in spite of his famous willingness to
> Buddhist ideas not in accord with scientific findings ("not
> something is not the same as finding its non-existence").
> For him this level of consciousness--subtle mind with *no
> correlates*--is crucial to his understanding of how nirvana can
> about (we are Buddhas to begin with). Some sort of
consciousness with 
> no neural correlates must also be part of the rebirth process."
> So thanks.
> Joanna
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