[Buddha-l] Abhidharma vindicated once again

Zelders.YH zelders.yh at wxs.nl
Sun Mar 6 08:55:42 MST 2011

Dan wrote
> As for Tibetan 'tukdam,' I don't know whether it is meaningful to conflate
> that with nirodha-samapatti.
"Good questions", you called them. Well, thank you, Dan, and thank you 
for answering my first question so extensively.
As for your answer to my second question - whether the state of 'tukdam' 
could be compared to the state of 'nirodha-samapatti' - it is rather 
cryptic, don't you agree ? Or am I missing something ?
To be honest, I expected some kind of affirmative answer to my question, 
and I would have been glad to be able to conclude that the explanation 
of the phenomenon - (or "practice", if you can call it that) - of 
'tukdam' might have, or indeed has, a scriptural basis in Vasubhandu's 
'Abhidharmako'sa'. But a negative answer would have been just as welcome.
Could you give it another try, please ?

Herman Zelders

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