[Buddha-l] Abhidharma vindicated once again

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 4 19:25:59 MST 2011

Incidentally, that the supposed "scientific" researchers concluded that the 
sudden flatline from all 12 leads was not a sign of the absence of heart 
beat and cardiac action, but

"It was concluded that "the most likely cause of the straight line on ECG 
tracing was a dramatic decrease in his heart`s activity." The reasoning can 
be much similar to Swami Rama`s demonstration of `atrial flutter` mentioned 
above.The increase in heart beat went up to such a level as to identify with 
no pumping action at all."

indicates they are morons, lacking in understanding of both biology and ecg 
machines. and not to be taken as providers of reliable testimony.


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