[Buddha-l] Gedun Chopel, 20th century Tibet's finest writer

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Tue Mar 1 10:48:10 MST 2011

article by Heather Marie Stoddard 

Donald S. Lopez Jr., editor and translator, 2009. In the Forest
of Faded Wisdom, 104 Poems by Gendun Chopel. A Bilingual Edition.
University of Chicago Press, 199 pages, ISBN 978 0 226 10452 2.

This bilingual edition of the poems of Amdo Gedun Chopel
(1903-1951),1 In the Forest of Faded Wisdom, is a welcome
addition to the ever-growing corpus of writings by and on the
most outstanding, controversial figure of 20th century Tibet.

Read the article via the pdf link on this page.

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