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Wed Feb 9 11:02:28 MST 2011


Joanna wrote:
> Speaking of the Chinese currency found with him, I could
imagine that 
> when he fled to India he took a big bunch of it with him.
We cannot of course know, but if you read the story in detail I
think you may see that this is rather unlikely. Some, of course,
but a big bunch - not really on the cards. He would have had
little or no access to cash there in Rumtek, the preparations for
the escape had, of course, to be done secretly, and the
circumstances prevented taking any more of anything than was

> However, the idea that a 14 year old couldn't be a spy is
> 14 year olds are first-rate spies. Anyone with a teenager knows
I get the humour :-) but the idea that in those seven years he
could be turned into a decade-long (or decades?) "sleeper" is, as
Erik suggests, perhaps suitable for Dan Brown or for
sensationalist press, but not for serious consideration.

All the best
Alex W

Just a note about the currency: When HHDL fled Tibet he went with
an entourage and pack animals--is the Karmapa said to have been
traveling alone? I doubt it.
Re: teenagers--nothing serious obviously, it was an attack on the
silly assertion that a 14 year old could not possibly be anything
but a-- "who me?" 
Who is Dan Brown?

Cheers, Joanna

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