[Buddha-l] What is direct experience?

Erik Hoogcarspel jehms at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 6 15:07:47 MST 2011

Op 06-02-11 21:14, lemmett at talk21.com schreef:
>   I do think that one's relation to reality is a complex one even when psychotic. I would *guess* that parts of reality remain quite distinct and clear - though twisted up by the rest of the stuff you have, as well as perhaps any resulting difficultly relating to others.
Oh,  I'm sure you're right. A lot of these traditional buddhist and 
other saints would perhaps be given a prescription these days or even 
admitted into one of these hotels with servants dressed in plain white. 
In the end it just boils down to the question if it makes you live a 
more full life and gives you more control.
> "... witnessing so many teachers who have passed through numerous koans or otherwise have had their realization "certified," but who nonetheless present as unbalanced and sometimes even unhealthy people underscores the wisdom..."
I never did, but you're on your own in this one. There is a lot going on 
in Buddhaland that is questionable but some people are for real. I just 
like to think that this is all to make the puzzle more exciting.


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