[Buddha-l] The Pali-Tibet Connection

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There are some scholars like Rod Bucknell, Bhante Sujato and Analayo Bhikkhu
who are doing a comparative study of the Nikayas and the Chinese Agamas with
some amazing results (if you read Analayo's papers, such as those published
in the Buddhist Studies Review).

Piya Tan

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Margaret Gouin <gouin.me at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2009/9/28 Mitchell Ginsberg <jinavamsa at yahoo.com>
> > ...
> > Is the entire Pali Canon essentially in the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, just
> > translated into Sanskrit?
> > Would anyone like to give some basic information on this?
> >
> > In addition to the other responses, I can add that I asked this question
> of
> a colleague some time ago and he responded that the thing to remember is,
> the Tibetans only translated from Sanskrit, which they considered the
> Sacred
> Language. They had no knowledge of Pali nor, apparently, did they think it
> important. So any suttas that made their way into the Tibetan Kanjur did so
> by way of Sanskrit translations--and as far as I know, not that many Pali
> suttas were translated into Sanskrit.
> However, no one yet seems to have compiled a list of which suttas are
> actually in the Kanjur. Or maybe I just haven't looked enough yet. I'm
> pretty sure I remember being told that neither the Kalama Sutta nor the
> Satipatthana Sutta are there.
> Margaret
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