[Buddha-l] Chris Hedges

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Fri Sep 25 13:13:58 MDT 2009

I just heard an eloquent speech by Hedges on our local university
radio station, which broadcasts Alternative Radio on one of its
two stations. I'd somehow not come across AR before.

It's sure a good counter to the blather and lies coming from NPR
and the commercial stations. So I looked up Hedges online, and
find that  he's a regular columnist for truthdig, where I found a
list of his publications. I already agree with his positions on
war, corporate fascism, etc, but one of his listed books caught
my eye-- "I Don't Believe in Atheists", apparently a short read.
One of his points, according to the blurb I found on amazon, is
that he's as annoyed by dogmatic atheism as he is by dogmatic

No doubt the Buddha felt similarly annoyed, was my thought.

(I intend to get this book because I've joined up with the
Unitarian Universalist Humanist group here in Boise, which seems
to have some militant atheist types as well as the kind of social
critics I enjoy interacting with).  

So, for those on this list who are not fulminating rahrah
capitalists and who are also reality-testing social critics, I
recommend this author.


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