[Buddha-l] Prophecy

JKirkpatrick jkirk at spro.net
Mon Sep 14 09:00:38 MDT 2009

Some one told me over lunch that there is an ancient prophecy by
a "respected monk" that the Thai Chakri dynasty will not last
more than 9 kings (see
http://www.the-diplomat.com/article.aspx?aeid=12033 - search for
"prophecy"). Any pointers to the background of this prophecy?

W.F. Wong
Well, if they last that long it probably beats any other dynasty
length in history! 
Recently I read an article in the Irawaddy (online) that lese
majeste charges have been increasing in Thailand over the past
few years, in tandem with social unrest (and probably royal fears
of being usurped).


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