[Buddha-l] Devanāgarī fonts for Macintosh?

Chris Fynn cfynn at gmx.net
Tue Sep 8 20:28:00 MDT 2009

You are out of luck if you want to use Devanāgarī in MS Word for the Mac 
since Word on the Mac (unlike on Windows) has no complex script support 
- although the Mac operating system provides this MS Word does not make 
use of it. There are other word processing applications for Mac OSX such 
as Nisus Writer which properly support Unicode and complex scripts 
including Devanāgarī .

- C

Joel Tatelman wrote:
> Dear All,
> After a decade, I'm back in the classroom teaching introductory  
> Sanskrit and realize I need a Devanāgarī font for typing out  
> exercises, etc.
> I'd appreciate it if anyone using Macintosh OS X 10.4.11 and MS Word  
> 2008 for Mac could recommend one or more such fonts.
> Thanks very much,
> Joel Tatelman.
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