[Buddha-l] Dalai Lama's brother dies in US

Dan Lusthaus vasubandhu at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 9 09:47:29 MDT 2008

> From this obituary:
> 'Mr. Norbu led a major monastery at the very young age of 27 and
> soon was caught up in the trauma of the Communist invasion of
> Tibet in 1950, an action that China contends was justified on
> many grounds.'
> The last phrase of this sentence is a gratuitous slight, IMO.
> Joanna
> ==============================================

Agreed, Joanna. That's the price the NYTimes pays to maintain the veneer of
objectivity, rather than falling into the partisanship of, say, Fox News. By
qualifying it as "China *contends*..." they signal that they don't
necessarily endorse that contention.


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