[Buddha-l] Purpose of life

SJZiobro at cs.com SJZiobro at cs.com
Wed Sep 3 12:45:23 MDT 2008

Richard Hayes <rhayes at unm.edu> wrote:

>Remember, the purpose of life is to prevent it from being reasonable.
>Buddhists believe in being reasonable. That's because they are mostly
>Praise Jesus.
>The Real Richard


Not to dampen your new-found enthusiasm for things Christian and/or Republican, but reason, according to Aquinas (who by the way was not a Republican), entirely in accord with the general Catholic theological tradition, is the first light of God illuminating the human person.  So, at least for the Catholic and Orthodox tradition(s), being unreasonable is not to live in accord with our humanity and, consequently, with the oldest Christian traditions.  As for Buddhists being savages, feel free to mischaracterize.  The Jesuits in India, China, and Japan recognized that Buddhism has great rational traditions, and over time this view has prevailed.  But do let these realities keep you from penning more enthusiastic rationales for your conversion.  That would be reasonable.


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