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Timothy Smith schreef:
> I must admit I've always been bothered by the fact that I've never 
> been bothered by the question either.  I used to feel I was
> spiritually deficient.  Know I know it, and I remain bothered by my 
> unbotheredness.
> Timothy Smith
> Wheelwright Associates
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You're in good company. According to Husserl thinking needs the living world (Lebenswelt), the world of everyday life. So you allways proceed from what is. His pupil Heidegger confirmed in his existential analysis that part of life is the dimension of being thrown into existence, so the contingency of being. Merleau-Ponty who understood Husserl better then he did himself, argues time and again agianst the naivity of writers who think they can as it were scratch themselves from the pages of life in order to get 'a surveilling eye', and the final understanding of what life is all about. This is fooling yourself, he thinks, a kind of scientism, looking at yourself like a scientist who examines crystals or beatles. This kind of criticism could probably also be used against classical abhidharma.


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