[Buddha-l] Philosophical Basis of Inter-Religious Dialouge (Conference in Poland)

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Below you will find an exciting announcement about a conference to be held in Poland in May, 2008, titled 'The Philosophical Basis of Inter-Religious Dialogue.'


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Subject:     [process-announce] Conference: 'The Philosophical Basis of 
Inter-religious Dialogue' - May 2008
Date:     Tue, 18 Dec 2007 04:21:27 -0000
From:     Peter Farleigh 

The Whitehead Metaphysical Society Franciscan Seminary OFM in Katowice, The Pontifical Academy of Theology in Cracow and Institute of Philosophy, University of Silesia in Katowice

are honoured to invite to international scientific conference


*9 & 10th May 2008*
in Franciscan Seminary OFM, Katowice, ul. Panewnicka 76, Poland

In the present epoch of tensions between civilisations, challenges being brought by globalisation processes and the necessity of the coexistence of various cultures and traditions, the subject of the conference seems to be particularly significant. Can religions remain isolated islands? Are their claims of being the only source of theological truth justified or should it rather be understood as an effect of interaction between different points of view and common effort of looking for the answers to the questions about God and his relations to the world? What is the role of dialogue? Is it only a politically correct element or may be something more essential ? the basis of reasonable existence and development of religion? Should the direction traced by 20th century's partisans of ecumenical movements be widened in order to embrace also non-Christian religions? What is the orthodoxy and where are its boundaries?

These are some suggested topics that we would like to discuss. The process philosophy creates a convenient and favourable atmosphere for this kind of considerations. All interested in participating in conference are kindly required to send topics of lectures and short abstracts on:

Towarzystwo Metafizyczne im. A. N. Whiteheada, ul. Panewnicka 76, 40-760 
Katowice, Poland
Or e-mail: bogrod at interia.pl

The deadline for registration is the 31st March 2008. Conference fee: 130 PLN / 50 $ / 40 ?

Bank Pekao S.A.
Account number: 57 1240 1330 1111 0010 1067 5804

On behalf of organizers
Dr. Miroslaw Patalon
Rev. Dr. Janusz Maczka
Dr. Bogdan Ogrodnik
Fr. Dr. Kleofas W. Grodek OFM

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