[Buddha-l] Re: Bachelor bashing

Jim Peavler jmp at peavler.org
Fri Dec 14 15:42:57 MST 2007

On Dec 14, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Richard Hayes wrote:

> As one matures spiritually, one's vanity shrinks.
> As one's vanity shrinks, so does one's feeling that one has  
> anything to say
> worth sharing with others. If one follows up on all that shrinkage,  
> one stops
> publishing one's thoughts and writings. That does not mean, of  
> course, that
> one stops thinking and writing.

And, I certainly hope, it doesn't stop one from contributing to  

You might have (gratefully) noticed that I contribute much less than  
I did in my prime.

Jim Peavler
jmp at peavler.org

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