[Buddha-l] Re: Bachelor bashing [was some damn thing about buddha-l

Katherine Masis twin_oceans at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 20:19:21 MST 2007

Richard wrote:
  “What do we call the condition in which one’s desire not to write papers is as great as one’s desire used to be to write them?  Spiritual maturity?”
  I do hope you’re asking these questions (really one question) in a general and rhetorical way.  I would say that there is a big difference between feeling pressured to produce papers in academia and writing what one pleases to write about.  Ideally academia provides the space and time to do both, e.g., the papers one “must” write are also enjoyable to write.  In practice, academia only provides that sometimes—at least that’s my experience.  When and if I get to enjoy retirement some day, I shall write only what I please to write about, without any pressure whatsoever, and shall foresake obligatory papers forever.  I doubt whether doing this or not doing this has anything at all to do with spiritual maturity.  
  Katherine Masís

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