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Tue Dec 11 19:36:52 MST 2007

[topical drift]

jo, wasn't the sangha where al gore got stung, rather, in l.a., hsi lai
(hacienda heights) ?

& i replied offlist to you, about the anarchist Call for Papers, that the
link explained the position, and I was just <f>orwarding along; but other
listmembers might have wondered too

am not sure about stephen batchelor returning to the faith of his
forefathers, his blog makes it seem as if he's still carrying on buddhism
w/o beliefs

as to conditions receptive for transmission, i note that translation now
accounts for 2, maybe 3 percent of the total books published in america each
year ... the same ratio as the arabic nations ...

am trying out my new emoticon, palms joined:
_/|\_    _/|\_  

gary gach

may all beings
be well
Hi Gary
I got the "call for papers" thing OK. Have no interest any more for writing
papers :)
Some people just get very uptight about Batchellor's idea of Buddhism
without beliefs and perhaps they see it as a sign of retrenching toward an
earlier non-Buddhist stage. I personally don't see it that way at all. 
Viva traducción! The more the merrier, eh?
Your emoticon is nice but looks a bit like the feet are in a ballet plie!
How about adding a face or head, as in  0  (only the 0 should be right on
top of the hands--but it didn't come out that way on 
this email format. Wonder if it will travel thru cyberspace without getting

Namaskara, Jo

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