[Buddha-l] Loving your object of study

L.S. Cousins selwyn at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 4 22:08:08 MST 2007


>Do you think the system implies that it is necessary to achieve any jhaana
>higher than the first? It has always seemed to me that the "work" of
>eradicating the various afflictions is done by realizing that everything is
>impersonal, impermanent and (at least a potential source of) dukkha. But this
>is precisely what vipassanaa consists in: fully grasping those three marks.

My understanding is that calm suppresses the afflictions in one way, 
insight suppresses them in another, but only the harmonious 
cooperation of calm and insight can cut off (samuccheda) the 
operation of afflictions permanently.

>  I  have a difficult time imagining anyone doing that work without attaining
>first jhaana, but I can't see why any higher-numbered jhaanas would be
>necessary just to fully eradicate desire and anger (and the tendency to split

As far as I understand the logic, the stream-enterer eliminates that 
level of afflictions which lead to wrong external behaviour i.e. 
breach of the precepts. The never-returner eliminates those 
afflictions which obstruct concentration. The arahat eliminates those 
which obstruct wisdom as well.

So I suppose that the fourth jhaana or something very near to that is 
necessary for never-return. Hence the rebirth of the never-returner 
in the fourth jhaana Pure Abodes.


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