[Buddha-l] Loving your object of study

Richard P Hayes rhayes at unm.edu
Mon Dec 3 17:01:13 MST 2007

curt wrote:

>Therefore anyone who genuinely upholds the inseparability of insight 
>calmness will have nothing to do with cultivating just one of them 
>rejecting the cultivation of the other.

Your knack for stating the obvious never fails to amaze me. Yes, Curt, 
you have managed yet again to understand my point. If one consciously 
focuses on cultivating insight, then calmness will naturally follow, 
even if one does not consciously focus on it. And if one consciously 
focuses on cultivating tranquillity, insight will naturally follow, 
even if one gives no thought to it.

I'm not sure what would happen if one consciously decided to reject one 
of these two desiderata, because I can't imagine anyone actually 
advocating such a strategy. My guess is that if someone were to try 
such a strategy, the result would be the achievement of some kind of 
mediocrity. Perhaps it would even lead to becoming a Republican.

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