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Somehow it bothers me that Shaolin practice (weren't the Shaolin monks
Buddhists, or Buddhists-Taoists?) is being corporatized as a commodity to
aid "business executives" (nothing very "new" here, of course), because what
it is presented as doing is to make them more effective/healthy/relaxed
business execs without mentioning conditions for any reflection on what
these execs are doing beside making tons of money for themselves and their
businesses. Consider for ex., the gigantic discrepancy between top execs'
pay and that of the rest of their companies; also, what global businesses
(most of them extractive) are doing to the well-being of the rest of the
world. I could say more, but I've said enough to pose a few questions--I
Comment, y'all?

>From Kirkpatrick [jkirk at spro.net]
Discussion: Asia Society, NYC
Shaolin Business Executive: A Modern-Day Warrior With an Ancient Art 
Cosmos Press and Shaolin Wahnam Institute  
What do emperors/generals of ancient China and some modern day business
executives have in common? Apart from demanding occupations, both have
realized the benefits of practicing Shaolin Chi Kung, the ancient art of
developing one’s vital organs. Originating more than 2,000 years ago, this
once ‘secret’ of the elite (sometimes referred to as Qigong) has been known
to develop tremendous internal power. It has not only aided in the general
health of keeping the practitioner healthy and stress free by clearing and
calming the mind, it has also been said to expand the mind to limitless
resources of the universe and realize spiritual joy. All of these benefits
are of the utmost importance as increased pressure, demands and decisions,
both in and out of the office, are placed on business executives. 

Please join us as Ti-Hua Chang from WCBS-TV engages the world-renowned
Shaolin Gradmaster, Wong Kiew Kit, in an interview as he shares with us how
the ancient art of Shaolin Chi Kung can help improve today’s fast-paced
corporate world. This interview will also be followed by an amazing
demonstration of Shaolin Chi Kung, as well as book signing of Master Wong’s
latest book and a reception. (Grandmaster Wong has been awarded a “Qigong
Master of the Year Award” at the World Qigong Congress in San Francisco, and
has been sought by many business executives, doctors, surgeons, country
officials, and presidents throughout the world.)

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