[Buddha-l] Loving your object of study

SJZiobro at cs.com SJZiobro at cs.com
Sun Dec 2 14:48:16 MST 2007

curt <curt at cola.iges.org> wrote:

>jkirk wrote:
>> How edifying this list has become, devoted as it is to the binaries of bad
>> vs good.
>> We ought to be grateful that some people take the time, and it requires a
>> lot of it, 
>> to study the dhamma at all, much less go for seclusion and commit to
>> internal tranquillity. These days, there's an alternative to seclusion known
>> as practicing mindfulness no matter what one is doing.
>I admire anyone able to "practice mindfulness no matter what one is 
>doing." As for me I am only just barely able to practice meditation 
>under ideal circumstances of "seclusion".
>To be perfectly honest, though, I am always at least a little skeptical 
>about those claim to practice mindfulness in "everyday activity" - *if* 
>they counterpose that to good, old fashioned meditation "on the cushion" 
>in a nice quite place.


I agree with you here.  If one is mindful or recollected in the midst of any activity he or she is not counterposing this awareness to anything.

Relative to binaries, which seem to edify JKirk, why wouldn't they have a place in one's mindfulness?  The simple recognition of some binary event and naming it what it is does not really seem to me contrary to the dhamma.


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